Affogato: A warm hug from your local cafe, featuring almond buttercream, coffee and sugar. 

Afternoon Picnic: The best selling, fresh combination of grapefruit, watermelon, hibiscus and vanilla. 

Birthday Cake: Perfect for blowing out the candles, featuring aniseed, pineapple, buttermilk and refreshing coconut. A best seller. 

Closing Shift: A soothing combination of freshly brewed coffee and cocoa powder, along with whipped milk and vanilla. 

Iced Cocktails: A fruity cocktail scent that includes pineapple, cranberry, peach, banana, balanced with coconut and jasmine.  

Morning Cereal: Smells exactly like the cereal Fruit Loops. Highlighted by lemon, lime and lemongrass with a hint of malt. 

Movie Night: A delightful mix for a night in. Infused with hazelnut, sea salt, caramel and pecan. Base notes feature tonka bean and condensed milk. 

October: A breath of fresh air, with the combination of lime and lemon, coconut and peach additional to vanilla and buttermilk. 

Pixie Party: A childhood favourite snack, featuring combinations of peach nectar, candy apple, buttercream and coconut alongside sugarcane and frosted berries.

Poolside Summer:  A refreshing taste of summer. Aromatic combination of mango, papaya, coconut and vanilla bean. 

Smoothie Bowl: A fruity burst of summer smells, including lychee, lime, guava and peach, infused with coconut and vanilla. 

Star Gazing: A sweet scent balanced by caramel, coconut, vanilla, tonka bean and buttery balsamic.